Make Selling In Winter A Winner

“Property market’s dead in winter!”… “No-one wants an auction in the rain”… “Buyers are watching the footy, not at opens”, etc. etc.  All things I’m sure you’ve heard (or maybe even said) when talking about selling in winter. 

But the fact is some homes are summer homes and some homes are winter homes. Whether it’s heated flooring for those frosty mornings, cosying up on the couch near the feature fireplace or the sound of rain trickling against your tin roof – if the things that make your home amazing are perfect for winter then why not show them off to your buyers in winter?

If you are thinking of selling in winter here are some reasons why a winter campaign may be best for you and your home.


If there’s one thing we all learnt in 2020 it’s that things can be unpredictable. Although typically the cooler months may have been associated with less stock in the market and lower clearance rates that is not the case this year.

With the property market as active and competitive as it is currently for so many buyers it means they are still hunting for their dream home. This constant increase in buyer demand and growing sales prices gives vendors the opportunity in winter to compete against less homes while still having access to an ever growing and competitive buyer pool.

Engaged buyers

A winter campaign doesn’t discourage buyers, but rather it attracts the people who are seriously interested! The people who come to your Open For Inspections when the weather is cold, stormy and miserable are the people who really want to see your home – engaged buyers who are genuinely interested in seeing what your home has to offer.

Winter appeal

A change in season doesn’t have to mean less money in your pocket; it’s a great opportunity for you and your agent to take a different approach to how your home engages buyers. A winter campaign gives an opportunity to highlight your home’s warming and comforting features, whilst also engaging buyers on an emotional level.

Creating an atmosphere that is a refuge for buyers from the gloomy, wet weather makes your property feel more homely and inviting, and a space they can picture themselves in snug on the sofa with a cup of tea.

The old rules of seasonal selling have been broken down in a post-Covid world and winter selling can be such an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.  You shouldn’t be afraid that selling your home in Winter means a longer or more difficult sale. This just isn’t true anymore.

With no sign of the property marketing cooling off embracing the cold and making it a part of your selling strategy will have your buyers fighting to secure your home at your dream price.