How Property Staging Can Get The Best Sale

Living room after interior staging

With everything that needs to be done during a sales campaign like cleaning, packing and even organising the pets it’s no wonder hiring a stylist to stage and present your home is becoming an increasingly popular option for sellers in their presale preparations.

Property staging is more than just a face-lift to show your home at its best but can play a key role in maximising your sales potential. So, if you’re tossing up whether or not staging is worth it for your property’s sales campaign, keep reading!

how does STAGING work?

You know that saying about the whole being the sum of all its parts… Well for better or for worse, when buyers are inspecting a home their perception is based on what they see, which is largely the furniture and styling of the home. They are judging a space based on where you have your couch or the size of the bed you have in the bedroom, rather than what it would be like with their furniture in place.

By essentially moving your furniture out of the property and having an interior designer bring in their furniture, artworks, bedding and plants your home can be completely invigorated, presenting your property in its very best light without having to do a major makeover.

We outline below what is possible and the options you can take to work out what is right for you.

Why does it work?


The first big result is in your property’s photos. It’s shouldn’t be news that these images can play an essential role in your marketing campaign by highlighting the property’s features and differentiating from the other homes on the market.

Front living room after staging

With everything now available online prospective buyers have a pool of options at their fingertips. They don’t even have to get out of bed to look inside your house – your property’s photography is the best way to visually stand out from the other listings they’re scrolling past, and a key driver to getting these prospective buyers in to inspect your home.

Real estate stylists are skilled in creating spaces and moments for the photographer to capture, that buyers can emotionally connect and engage with and picture themselves living in.

Empty front living room before staging


Sometimes everyday life in our homes isn’t ‘pretty’ – it’s filled with toys, dirty laundry and an absurd amount of mismatched plastic containers. In our own homes we generally choose our furniture for function first, and its placement in a room is usually designed to suit our family’s needs, not necessarily for aesthetic or optimal traffic flow.  This is where stylists and staging can come to the rescue!

The stylist’s furniture placement and designs don’t need to be centred around everyday use – they’re able to focus on not only making the house appear more spacious, but also consider the home’s flow and how prospective buyers will walk-through during inspections. Staging is designed to compliment and encourage how buyers will inspect and engage with different areas within the home, and draw attention to its key selling points.

In talking to one of our clients who staged their home before selling, they shared how their experience with staging helped shine a new light on their property.

“The staging was really the best money I ever spent. When I walked into the home it was a bit of a shock to see what Kate and her team had done to the house… there were areas set up that were completely different to how they had been originally. The staging actually made it easier to detach myself from the house, as it didn’t feel like mine anymore…”


Buying a home for many people represents their next stage in life, whether it’s their first house, a home big enough to start a family in, or downsizing to enjoy retirement – a new home represents a bright, fresh future. Walking into a home with lived in or outdated furniture can give the impression of the home needing more updates or investment than actually needed and mask the potential seen by buyers.

Staging is an opportunity to create an environment for prospective buyers to picture how they’ll live in the space. Depending on the target audience, stylists will tailor the furniture and its design to create spaces that prospective buyers are attracted to as well as aspire to be in. In creating an emotional connection to the space and an aspirational appeal, buyers will become more emotionally invested in fighting to secure the home.


With property styling used as another method to target and capture the hearts of prospective buyers, staging your home can not only increase potential sales price but decrease the time on market. With stats around Australia showing staged homes are being sold 3 times faster that those that have not been staged, investing in staging is seeing great returns for sellers without the need for lengthy sales campaigns.

At the heart of the staging process, Interior Stylist Kate Ewings from Style Xtra is no stranger to the potential results and exceeded expectations of staged homes in the current market. Discussing a recent successful sale of a home she and her team styled for KINDRED, Kate said,

“We see homes like this all the time where even though they’re a bit older they still have good bones and open space that we’re able to completely transform when we bring in our furniture and homewares. At the moment we’re pulling furniture out a week after we’ve installed it because the market is moving so fast. It’s really amazing to see these results for the vendors and the staging pay off!”

levels of staging

Property staging can look different depending on property size, requirements, and allocated budgets so depending on your home’s needs there will be a styling or staging option best suited to you. Agents typically have a preferred stylist they work with and they commonly offer styling consultations, partial staging or complete property staging packages.


For those that have more time on their hands and are eager to do it themselves, the first option is a styling consultation and report from the interior stylist. After doing a walkthrough of your home they’ll provide a room-by-room report on how to get each space looking its best for sale – including how to arrange the furniture, items that should be removed or replaced and other general tips to enhance the space such as decluttering or maintenance repairs.

The second option is a partial stage, where the stylists will blend the furniture you’ve already got with some of their accent pieces and accessories. For those who may be living in the home during the sales campaign, a partial stage still leaves you with a beautiful space buyers will fall in love with, without needing to completely empty the property.

Now for the big guns… the third option is complete home staging – giving the stylist an empty house as a blank canvas to let them work their magic on. From dining room sets to candles, televisions through to towels, they bring in everything your home needs to fill the space and help your home reach its optimum selling price. Complete home staging allows the stylists to fully craft and tailor each room’s design for optimal presentation and flow as buyers inspect your property. This allows the stylist to create a cohesive design within the home that accentuates its architecture and features, and appeals to the target buyers.

Much like your marketing, interior styling is an investment in your property’s sales campaign. Spending a bit of money in the presale preparations can be the difference between achieving the guide price or your dream price. It’s not about whitewashing your home and just making it look ‘pretty’, but how to accentuate the right physical features and spaces within your home. At the end of the day this is what will make your property stand out for your buyers. Staging allows you to present your home at its best and capture the buyers who will pay the most, potentially getting you the maximum value out of your asset.

Interested in how staging can become apart of your property’s sales strategy? Get in touch with one of the Kindred folk! We are always happy to talk about the options for presenting your home best to the market, whether you choose to list with us or not.  We just love property.