Easy Prep For Your Home This Winter

Lounge room in winter

And just like that, winter is already here again! With the cooler weather upon us, we’ve put together some quick tips on getting your home prepped for this season – and if you’ve cleared up a little more space in your calendar over this long weekend then it might be a great time to tackle these little jobs you’ve been meaning to get to!

Check in on your plant babies.

Now that winter is here, you might have to start keeping a closer eye on your plant babies. Depending on the variety, think of where your plants are placed around your home – keeping them closer to a window for prime position to be catching some of the morning winter sun and away from central heating ducts or fireplaces! If they’ve had a bit of a growth spurt over Summer, now’s the time for a quick prune and repot if necessary so they’re prepped and ready to flourish when we head into Spring.

Rug up.

With less direct sunlight in winter some small adjustments like bringing out heavier blankets or rugs can act as insulation in a room, keeping the warm air from escaping through the windows and the chill from the hard floor off your feet. Switching your ceiling fans onto their winter settings can also prevent the warmer air from rising by pushing it back down to keep your space toasty and warm.

Freshen up.

The holy grail of cleaning products… eucalyptus oil – whether you’re wiping, scrubbing or shining this natural antibacterial cleaner is a go-to for getting rid of messy spots and bringing a sparkle your home. From scuff marks, greasy stainless, to grubby finger prints and the other sticky gunk that kids manage to leave behind, eucalyptus cuts through it all leaving your home (and even your sinuses) refreshed!

Tackle the floordrobe.

Ah yes, the floordrobe – just like a wardrobe only better! Basically any permanent piles of clothes that live on the floor, chair, ottoman or couch are classed as a floordrobe.  Let us all agree there’s never a perfect time to fold clothes but you will love the outcome. If you’ve got a little bit extra time this weekend moving the collection of clothes from the floor to hangers and drawers can be a great chance to reorganize, pack away your summer wardrobe, reduce the clutter and donate anything you no longer need or love.

Add an extra layer.

Finally it’s time (if you haven’t already) to bring the electric blanket and heavy doona out of hiding. For when the gloom and frost kicks in, these winter warmers are key to keeping yourself snug as a bug without having to leave the central heating running all night!

This little light of mine.

As the days get shorter and darker your inside lighting becomes so much more important. In your key living spaces consider introducing feature lighting such as a tall floor lamp or side table lamps.  When the kids are in bed, dinner is done and the world finally slows down being able to switch the mode and warm up the room with the lower, warmer light of a lamp or two can make such a difference to the cosiness of a room. 

However you shift your home from summer to winter we hope you enjoy the benefits that come with every season and love your home regardless of the weather.  And if you feel like it’s not the right space for you?  Have a chat with us about looking for one that truly is just right.

Lounge room in winter