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The best price is never achieved by ‘throwing it out to the market’ and seeing who bites. We believe you should expect a true sales and marketing strategy from your chosen real estate agency designed to reach the most emotionally engaged buyers for your home, ultimately resulting in the highest price possible. 


innovative - Kindred Real Estate - About Us

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Buying and selling houses should be more than a financial transaction. The KINDRED Real Estate experience is built on open communication, a considered approach, and an emotional intelligence centred on your success over our sales targets.

the kindred approach

Why Choose Us

The traditional real estate approach to buying and selling property is outdated, uninspired, and failing. We’ve stripped away the old strategies and tactics and replaced them with innovative thinking, proven techniques, and the new generation of a higher standard real estate experience.

You’re far beyond a transaction

We operate with you at our centre, not the sale.

We work for you, not ourselves

You set the pace and tell us how we can best support the outcome you desire.

We’re present and engaged

Actively listening to, interpreting, and understanding your goals.

We’re challenging the standard

We’ve stripped away the standard old tactics and replaced them with innovative thinking.

who we are


Just like so many others we’ve bought and sold, rented and invested many times over. While the agents we have chosen each time have been lovely, we’ve often questioned their value in the process beyond the basics of open houses and advertising.  

After a change of career showed us the industry from the inside we realised that it wasn’t the individual agents that were the problem but rather the way the real estate industry works as a whole.  

We resolved to create an agency focused on the Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine region that made our clients feel the way we wish we had so many times – respected, supported and that the decision to engage an agent had really made a difference to our end result.

Listen to our radio interview below for more about our philosophy and how Kindred came to be…

Rod & Alison

innovative - Kindred Real Estate - About Us